Saturday, May 30, 2009

Seriously unprofessional cupcakes

Seriously unprofessional cupcakes, $85

Cupcake Party !!! 
Let us host your next birthday party!
Included in the price are …
• 24 display cupcakes on carousel wheel
• Handcrafted, plastic apron for each child with logo
• 1 decorated, candled cake in shape of cupcake
• 12 plain cupcakes, sprinkles and topping for “Cupcake Creation Area”
where partygoers create their own cupcakes!
• Extra: If desired, theme invitation and grab-bags can be added!
Cost for this fun time is only $85!

If your Mom did this it would be more or less okay, but past that, the shoddiness of the work is going to be apparent. And, for eighty-five bucks?!? What the hell is this lady thinking? It's almost bad enough for Cake Wrecks.

If that wasn't enough disappointment for one party, you can buy $3 worth of dollar-store decorations and gently used paper plates for $25.

What's behind these prices? Gambling debt?

I could not resist clicking on Is your child attending a birthday party in June? - $10, which turned out to be

with even more sales patter:

Don't be caught shopping at the last minute.
Ceramic Pet Dish Kit
Paint a sturdy ceramic pet dish in any style for your favourite four-legged friend. Ages 7 and up.

Never opened. Includes dish, paint and brush.

Originally $16.99+taxes.

I like the enthusiasm with the naked greed. This sort of tat goes on sale all the time, $3.99 at Winners, but: Don't be caught shopping at the last minute. Drive cross-town to give this yutz $10!

"Mom, you spent all the money on cupcakes that look like they fell on the floor, my BFF gave me a pet bowl and I don't even have a pet, and there are stains on the fire truck napkins. How can you make my party any worse?"

Having a childs birthday party? As seen in the pic I have
several items used to make up loot bags for children 3-13!
All items are brand new. everything from giant pencils to
light up pens to sticky hands to frisbees! and much more.
I have a few hundred available. I will supply 6 items per
loot bag. Each loot bag sells for $4. (items are worth .75 to 3.$)
Let me know how many loot bags you'll need :)

Nothing in the picture is "worth" even 75c, but I like the optimistic ":)."

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