Saturday, May 2, 2009

Shut up idiots!

If you idiots are wise enough to state that this product is fake then why the hell will you purchase a 24 pcs MAC brushes if you all knew so well that a single MAC brush will cost about $20 and up. Stop your non-sense already and get on with your life, Before you buy something make sure to read the reviews and check for more information about the products that you're trying to purchase, I hate stupid people who will buy something and then return it just because they are DUMB. Why are you guys even coming here to amazon if you all have money to buy like what other people is saying,To get a cheap deal? But why still come here if you can afford to buy the original one, Why don't you just wait for the season sale and help yourself with all the authentic stuffs that you would like to purchase and or Why don't you just drag yourself to the mall and save yourself time and give us other buyers a break. Now a days more people are being wise on how to use their money and I'm not saying I'm siding to those people who produce fake products but So what if it's fake, I'm not saying its not usable.If it can save me money in all cost then why not, Quality is good is you have a lot of money in your pocket but if you don't then its quantity over quality. Stop with this harsh reviews already. If you suspect that there is something wrong with the price and the product then don't purchase it. It's as simple as that.

From a retailer of fake M.A.C. brushes on

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