Monday, May 25, 2009

Steamed double penis

I am a great fan of not because I want a new way to use up the leftover Velveeta, but because I like sniggering at the white trashiness of the content. The site has an entire section given over to recipes involving canned cream of mushroom soup. The latter includes an appalling recipe for baby food made with canned soup ("Sodium: 587mg").

Naturally, people enjoy posting pictures.

...supposedly chicken salad. "Those are the leftovers from lunch." Great, pal. Pitch it or cover it and put it in the fridge -- don't goddam take a picture of it.

Here is steamed double penis after a big sneeze

Actually Hot Dog a la Potato. You know without clicking through that the cheese specified is "American." I don't wish to snark on people eating comfort-food crap with cheese nuked on, which can be enjoyable, but...posting "recipes" for it? With a photograph? Tragically, they've made even mac and cheese look inedible:

Rather inexplicably the site includes "recipes" for exotic creations such as Sweetened Whipped Cream, the addition of sugar having heretofore been a trade secret. Much like's Salted Water for Boiling "recipe." The rub lies in the reviews; got nothing but snark for its boiled water, but has tapped an audience of people for whom whipping cream was a genuine novelty. This recipe works like a charm! So quick and simple, no need to buy the stuff in the can!


  1. ahhhh! My appetite! My former appetite.

  2. I just _love_ it when people from outside my areas of specialization (who have read one book by Stephen Leeb) start acting like experts, and give me advice on how to do economics.

    Now that people who think junk food with processed cheese is a cuisine, and who think that they can garner status just from posting pictures and recipes of Hot Dog a al Kraft Singles, you foodies are in for a rough ride.

    Nyah nyah nyah...