Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Bridesmaid's Dilemma.

Bridesmaid's dresses are not really 'dresses' per se. They're more like costumes. Badly sewn (see above) polyester costumes. So what to do with them after the wedding? Well, you could do what my aunt once did, viz: give it to your niece for her dress-up box. Man, I got a lot of mileage out of that bizarre gown...

However, the used bridesmaid's dress in the closet + free classifieds is too much of a lure for the greedy, and thus there is a great deal of

Five Alfred Angelo Cinnamon dresses. Brand new, never worn. Paid $231.65 each (proof of purchase available). Would like to sell each one for $150 ... better deal if you buy all five.

Sizes : 6 - 14 -16 - 18 - 22


I paid $200 for it and letting it go at $125. A great deal!

on Craigslist et al. As though it were really likely that somebody else happens to have a collection of five naked bridesmaids, one medium, two large, two XL. And this somebody else has no interest in being able to choose from a variety of dresses, and 35% off -- 35% off clothing, a commodity without a fixed price which goes on sale all the damn time -- would make these things with their funny smells in the armpit and sticky ? on the hem suddenly appealing.

Oh, come now. Bring it to the Sally Ann or your niece... knew it was bad when you cropped your head off.

Bridesmaids' dresses, even new, invariably come with the same sort of built-in warning that Reitman's and other bad-idea cheap clothing ads do, viz:

if it does not look good on the model, it -- no question -- will not look good on you. It takes a lot of gall to charge big prices for these crappy frocks in the first place, but the retailers are also selling The [Wedding] Dream &c; trying to sell it a second time, when it simply looks lousy and advertises 'I was had,' is amoral.

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