Sunday, May 24, 2009

The shape of LOLZ is a great, if unintentional, source of teh LOLZ. It is seemingly nothing but girls who had a baby and who now look fine posting pictures of themselves thin saying "See how hideous I am" in order to get a pile-up of people posting "You look awesome and I wish I could be you!" or, girls who had a baby and who are now fat, posting pictures of themselves in order to hear a lot of "Me too."

Many are teen-agers. Here's Britney, who says "I hate being body continuous[sic]. I’ve never been like this before!"

Yeah, you can totally tell she was never "body continuous" before what with the heels and bikini snaps. Here's her "after" shot:

Ha ha, u is tramp.

Mummy of two darlings moans when I look at my belly I feel so disappointed. I wouldn’t change having my children for any model’s body, and having to experience both my babies fight in hospital has made me so thankful for what I have. I am slowly learning to accept my new body and realise that the old one is gone for good. I am never going to look like my baby-less friends but I have something far more precious than their flab free, stretch mark free tummies! Yeah, I'm not really buying the lack of envy for a "model's body."

But how horrible is Two Darlings' "baby belly I am still trying to accept"?

Eww, hideous!

Is it wrong to LOLZ at this? I don't think so, especially not when they post dross like There were stretch marks there, but they were as sand beneath my fingertips, gentle ripples to echo the motion of the tide against the shore; the swelling tide of pregnancy and the receding tide of birth... And when they're not spouting nonsense, they're just plain shallow. Few of these girls are realistic about anything, and the site's a clusterfuck of encouragement for their delusions.

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