Sunday, June 28, 2009

No good, awful, terrible, very bad jeans.

Christian Dior jeans. Purportedly. More "designer" chav denim from China:

The jeans the not very popular kid got for Christmas in 1984. Which made everybody feel bad for him, because everybody knew they were on sale for $9.99 at Warren's and only the worst sort of Mom or Dad would try to pass off the on-sale unsalable jeans as a Christmas present. And you looked at them and thought if you took that stupid-ass chain off and stopped tucking in your awful acrylic sweaters you could almost pretend they were just some old gray jeans, but like the chain. Loser.

But these relatively honest frauds pale in comparison to wayofthelittleflower's stuff.

Crystal barbed-wire mom jeans,

"Painted fire crystal jeans," $150

"Hollister Emilio Pucci scarf patched Swarovski jeans," $150. "Custom destroyed in all the right places and patched with a vintage Emilio Pucci silk scarf." The combination of Swarovski plus Pucci plus Hollister =

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