Friday, June 12, 2009

Hard times.

I have a box of stuff for use in the kitchen...
Pick up only

Via Craigslist. You know it's going to be bad when the seller couldn't even bother to straighten it up a bit before photographing it. However, pots are useful, and this is not the worst of today's cull.

Queen's University Belfast Spiral Notebooks
2 available: $10 each or both for $15
Brand new in perfect shape

CL again. Quoi? Why on earth would this person even fantasize that somebody might buy a notebook from him, let alone for $10 a go? The same (apparently, given the background) drug addict is also offering this:

Shoe bag / toiletry kit
From Lufthansa Business Class
Toiletry kit includes mask, socks, toothpaste, toothbrush.
Comes in a bag that is perfect for shoes.
Four available: $5 for one bag, $15 for all four.

I love his quantity discounts...

From Nepean comes


Moving, Must Get Rid of! Must Pick up by Friday the 12th!

- desk lamp
- silver ware holder
- binder
- chocolate molds
- cutting board
- apple cutter
-ice cube tray
- 2 shaker tins
- freezer mug
- door hanger
- st. patricks mugs
- sturdy milk crate
- black metal waste basket
- wall filler
- crayons
- sunglasses
- duct tape
- belt
- bubble straws
- playing cards
- green and blue plastic bins
- origial foam board art

Why does she* think she's not going to need duct tape again? Mystifying!

There is an important lesson here, which is: whether or not you can eventually sell it on Craigslist is a good way to gauge whether something is a nice object or a useless bit of tat. If it is not something you can use up and, like plastic St Patty's mugs, it is something nobody in their right mind would ever buy off you, it's probably garbage best left in the store. It is not thin plastic bags from shops which are ruining the planet, but the overconsumption of this sort of schlock. That and the overproduction of necessary but shoddy goods -- the first ad is a good argument in favour of buying only the nicest sort of saucepan in lieu of several middling-to-lousy sets throughout your life.

* I cannot imagine a he having a pastel tablecloth with a wee vase of something on it.

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