Monday, April 27, 2009

WAHM dreams die hard.

WAHM = work-at-home mother.

They make some pretty awful stuff in order to cover the cable bill. Sometimes I feel bad and don't want to LOLZ at it, but sometimes it's so ridiculous you can't not. These 'bows' are a peeve of mine.

There's no dignity involved for the ladies making these or for the children getting them stuck on their heads. Even the little girl knows Mom's taste sucks.

Shit-eating grin via Screw you Mom I hate you so much for doing this to me. I look like a CLOWN. I hate you I hate you I hate you

All bows from -- not merely purveyors of hideous head toppings, they're also running a gentle scam whereby they entice you to become a sales rep (sorry, "Sales Rep," capitalized) -- as soon as you send them $30. (And more: "The starter kit is not included in the $30 packet.")

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